Feature: Strip Ice Advanced Semi-Permanent Hair Removal

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

     Hello dearies! I'm so excited to share with you this post because it's my first time to have an IPL service and before I muse my experience I want to say loud and proud that STRIP ICE is the B-E-S-T! If my underarms could talk, prolly it will thank me because I braved this almost painless awesome procedure of semi-permanent hair removal :)

     I was invited last December by Strip Ministry of Waxing to try their new, revolutionary solution for semi-permanent hair removal. Yes, it's semi-permanent dearies (don't be fooled by the word permanent hair removal) because as long as we're alive, there will always be hair growth. But fret not to try Strip Ice Advanced Semi-Permanent Hair Removal because hair growth will be delayed, the strands will be finer or less visible and a percentage of hair may not-regrow. Who doesn't want to have an almost flawless underarms? Of course almost all of us girls do! Click CONTINUE READING to know more about STRIP ICE and why I highly recommend it :)
Feature: Strip Ice Advanced Semi-Permanent Hair Removal
     The event was held at Strip Mega Fashion Hall branch last December. Ms. Monique introduced their newest machine and the machine that will be used in all Strip branches for their semi-permanent laser hair removal. We had a mini program during the event but the main agenda of the day was to try Strip Ice. There's a long queue and everyone was giddy to try this promising IPL (intense pulse light) service from Strip.
Feature: Strip Ice Advanced Semi-Permanent Hair Removal
     Fast forward, I set an appointment last January and had the best underarm service I have to date. Before I was introduced to Strip Ice, my method of removing underarm hair is through cold waxing. Waxing has advantages and disadvantage that's why for a busy mom like me trying a faster and fuss-free hair removal service is a must. Here's a little tour of Strip Ministry of Waxing SM Megamall Fashion Hall branch treatment room. This is their wax and polish treatment room. The Strip Ice machine is located on the other rooms and my bad that I wasn't able to take photos of it :(
Feature: Strip Ice Advanced Semi-Permanent Hair Removal
Wax and polish room
     Their treatment room is very clean and in order. I love the posh interior and color combination inside the room :) I feel safe and secured the first time I entered the room and it's very relaxing too :)
Feature: Strip Ice Advanced Semi-Permanent Hair Removal
Wax and polish room
     Aside from IPL service, Strip is also famous for their flavored/season waxes. So to all who are loyal to waxing service, you must try Strip because of their 'No Double Dipping' commandment. This mantra ensures each customer that hygiene is given 100% importance together with the speed and quality of service.  Their hygiene pack is legendary because each customer receives a new set of individually sealed pouch containing disposable waxing equipment (including gloves, face masks, pH balance wet wipes and spatulas).
Feature: Strip Ice Advanced Semi-Permanent Hair Removal
Their latest wax offering is the cranberry wax launched in time for Christmas 2014
Feature: Strip Ice Advanced Semi-Permanent Hair Removal
Hygiene packs
     Strip is also famous for their menu of secret-recipe lotions that treat waxed areas with an unrivalled tenderness as well as amazing post-wax products. They also have new products in the name of SCO Sun Lover (sunscreen), SCO Peace+ (anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory), and SCO Ace Cream (whitening/lightening/brightening cream). All these products are highly recommended for sensitive skin and results are very promising :)
Feature: Strip Ice Advanced Semi-Permanent Hair Removal
post-treatment care products
     So here's a little story of my Strip Ice Advanced Semi-Permanet Hair Removal treatment. I have to say my apologies first because I don't have photos of my pre and post treatment but I will post a photo of my underarm that is hair-free for almost a month now!

     STRIP ICE TREATMENT is an advanced semi-permanent hair reduction method where beams of specially filtered light are used to disintegrate hair from the root. New hair growth is delayed and a percentage of hair may not re-grow. Soprano Ice is the latest machine of Strip.
Feature: Strip Ice Advanced Semi-Permanent Hair Removal
This treatment promises to:
•Faster sessions
•Faster and better results 
•Zeroes in on hair even if it’s the same color as skin 

•Provides you with a semi-permanent hair reduction solution
•Lightens pigmentation
•Helps to reduce the occurrence of ingrown hair substantially

     The promises and benefits are true after one session! Yes, I'm proud to say that the session lasted only 15 minutes including the 1st procedure which was shaving of my 3- month old underarm hair (say ewww now!). First timers and those on their next sessions are required to shave their hair so that the roots are still there. That's the reason for IPL hair removal, beams of specially filtered light are used to disintegrate hair from the root.

     Next step, application of a cool gel then cool head of the hand held device was placed on my underarms. I can say that the procedure is pain-less and I did not feel the barely 'heat' feeling that my attendant said I will feel during procedure. 

     After the treatment, Ice Cream was applied to my underarms for soothing and lasting moisture. The next day after the treatment my underarms look so smooth. On the third day I started to worry because I see my underarm hair already growing BUT on the fourth and fifth day it's starting to shed on its own. I was amazed that it continuously fall off one by one :) It's almost a month now and my pits are hair-free. As in no hair growth at all :) The hubby noticed my underarms and said it's my best-looking underarms all these years. Hahaha! 

     I SUPER LOVE the effects of my first Strip Ice treatment on my underarms. First session showed a big difference on my underarm's hair growth. There's a big difference from my old waxing sesh! I will definitely be back to Strip to avail my second up to sixth session. Definitely worth every peso that I'll be spending. Oh by the way, they offer packages too so please do inquire now and say goodbye to your razors for life! 

Feature: Strip Ice Advanced Semi-Permanent Hair Removal
Feature: Strip Ice Advanced Semi-Permanent Hair Removal
     Click the photo below to enlarge and get to know more about Stip Ministry of Waxing, their history, services and products offered at their branches. STRIP ICE ADVANCED SEMI-PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL IS CURRENTLY ONLY AVAILABLE AT SM MEGAMALL MEGA FASHION HALL BRANCH.
Feature: Strip Ice Advanced Semi-Permanent Hair Removal
click to enlarge
Feature: Strip Ice Advanced Semi-Permanent Hair Removal
Photo taken during the Strip Ice Event last December 2014
Thank you so much Strip Manila for this opportunity :)
To book an appointment and to know more about their services:
You may reach them by calling these numbers: 

Strip Mega Fashion Hall
Unit 501-505, 5th level Bldg. D
Mega Fashion Hall SM Megamall
Edsa cor. Dona Julia Vargas Avenue
Mandaluyong City, 1550
T +632 531 4083

Strip Serendra
2nd Floor Serendra Bonifacio High St.
Bonifacio Global City Taguig 1634
T +632 901 0892

Strip Greenbelt 5
4th Floor Greenbelt 5 Ayala Center
Makati City 1200
T +632 501 3997

Visit their Website: http://www.strip-manila.com/
Like them on Facebook: Strip Manila
Follow them on Twitter: StripManila
Follow them on Instagram: stripmanila

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  1. I read a lot of good reviews about Strip. I heard they're super good raw talaga ;) Wish I could try them out soooon. :)

  2. I've been to Strip before and they do have great service! I actually miss these places because here in Europe it's CRAZY expensive to even avail these things. I miss the Philippines already!


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