McVitie’s: The Well-Loved European Biscuit ‘reaches out’ to Pinoy Kids

Monday, June 16, 2014

     Hello dearies! Happy Monday :) I'm excited to share a new line of product that I'm sure you and your kids will love. If you're a long time reader of this blog, I'm pretty sure you all know that I have a sweet tooth! Aside from being a chocolate and candy lover, I go gaga over biscuits! Those delectable, crunchy, sweet and yummy biscuits always fill my tummy every snack time or even after eating my meals. Well, if the biscuit is yummy and offers chocolate, vanilla and the not so common flavors I'm sure I'll be the number fan of that brand. So today let me share with you a very promising brand of biscuit that I'm sure will make us crave for more! Introducing McVitie 's European biscuit. McVitie’s Digestives, a delectable wheat biscuit well-loved and enjoyed by many around the world for its rich and flavorful taste, breaks new ground in the Philippines! To know more about the product, click CONTINUE READING and smile!
McVitie’s:  the well-loved European biscuit ‘reaches out’ to Pinoy kids
McVitie's Junior- Spongebob
     A staple snack food in Europe for over 120 years, its popularity grew in large numbers well beyond its original shores and captivated the taste buds of many around the world including the Philippines. With its delightful and distinctive taste, it is equally relished by health-conscious biscuit lovers of all ages. McVitie’s traditional recipe boasts of a healthy fibre content, making it a more indulgent treat for people from all walks of life!

   Here in the Philippines, it has captured the discriminating taste and nuances of the Filipino palate and has gained considerable following with its range of tasty options – McVitie’s Digestive Original, McVitie’s Digestive Light, McVitie’s Digestive Wholewheat, McVitie’s Digestive Milk and McVitie’s Dark Chocolate!

    McVitie’s breaks new ground again and takes the biscuit experience to the most demanding taste of all – kids! McVitie’s introduces Kids Range which will take the kiddy experience to a whole new level! 
McVitie’s:  the well-loved European biscuit ‘reaches out’ to Pinoy kids
McVitie's Junior- Justice League
     While McVitie’s for years has catered to the whimsical appetite of our young ones, the Kid’s range is sure to win their hearts even more as McVitie’s partners with some of the most sought-after cartoon characters of our time – Smurf, Spongebob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer, Justice League and McVitie’s own Pirate Crew!

   McVitie’s Kids Range will feature these famous cartoon characters delicately etched in every Kids Range Milk Chocolate making snack time more fun for the kids! What’s more, the Kid’s Range will come with pack games and free stickers spotlighting these awesome characters that kids can collect and share with friends and fun!

    McVitie’s Digestive continues to drive the biscuit encounter to a unique level where flavor, healthy indulgence and fun become the magical mix of each bite of McVitie’s biscuit!

     McVitie’s products are available at leading supermarkets nationwide and are distributed by Delfi Marketing Inc

 For more details about the McVitie’s Digestives’ range of products and other information, visit or like them on Facebook McVitie's Digestive


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