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Saturday, May 11, 2013

     Hello long weekend! Let's rock this 3 day- vacation by doing things we love and by making the right decision on the list of candidates to vote. My Sample Room Products for this month came last week and I decided to get this skin care samples from Gluta-C. But take note that Sample Room is not only giving samples, they also offer products in full-sizes! That's why I'm very happy with Sample Room. You all know that I love organic whitening soaps but when I saw Gluta-C samples, I didn't think twice and got myself a bar of whitening soap and bottle of lotion. Since Gluta-C is another promising brand of skin care to love, they deserve a space here on my blog :)
Gluta-C Lotion
Gluta- C Soap
     I will test both products for two weeks, let's see how these products will fare on my skin :) I also bought products to replenish my skin care. I'm sure you're already bored with the same stuff you see on my haul posts. When I say it's my fave or my HG, expect to see it over and over again! 
Beauty and Bright Soaps
Nature Republic Nail Polish Remover
Human Heart Nature Facial Scrub
L.A. Colors Lipstick in Amethyst
     Aside from skin care loves, I also bought new stuff! It's my first time to try a Korean brand of nail polish remover. It's my 6th bar of Beauty and Bright soaps and 2nd tube of Human Heart Nature Facial Scrub. A new lippie- I saw Gie of Third World Fashion sporting violet lips using the same lipstick above and her review got me sold! 

Snoe Beso Balm
BYS Brow and Eye Pencil
     Here's an addition to my makeup stash. I bought a new eyeliner and eyebrow gel liner from BYS. I still love my Virgina Olsen Choco Eyeliner but I want to try a black pen type eyeliner for days when I'm very lazy to put makeup on. Just eyeliner and eyebrow color and I'm good to go. I already hit the pan of my fave Carmex Lipbalm so this time I'm going to try Snoe's Beso Balm because I'm so intrigued with the name. 

     That's all for now dearies, If you want to read my thoughts on the products I already reviewed on this blog just click the links below:

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  1. What colors do bys eyebrow liners have? Also what did you get?

    *** Grabe yung sample room, almost always, laging OOS na kapag nagpupunta ako.

  2. @Rae- Blonde and brown. Brown matches my hair color by the time I tried it. I re-colored my hair na pero tignan ko kung okay. Sabi nung SA yung blonde is for dark colored brows. About sample room, lagi din co incidence na may nakukuha ako sample pero most of the time yung mga sample na gusto ko lagi OOS na agad :(

  3. Curious about the Gluta-C soap and lotion. Wanna buy those too. :)

  4. @diaphoretic- the soap smells very nice and lathers well. it also exfoliates better than other commercial whitening soaps. Will post reviews soon. Haven't tried the lotion pa kasi dami pa uubusin.


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