Product Review: GEO Super Nudy Gray XCH-625- The Bigger, The Better???

Thursday, February 16, 2012

     As promised, I'll be making a review on my new GEO contact lens. I bought this new pair of colored contact lens last December and wore it only twice. If you're a reader of my blog, I'm sure you've seen my photo wearing my first GEO contact lens and made a review here :) 

     After looking at my photos wearing this lens, I can say I have a love-hate relationship with this style. 
GEO Super Nudy Gray XCH-625GEO Super Nudy Color Lenses are available in a variety of colors and designs that meets the needs of the customers from all ethnicities. These lenses are now even bigger making your eyes even more brilliant and attractive!
GEO Super Nudy Gray XCH-625
Power available: 0.00 to 10.00
Base Curve: 14.8mm
Water content: 38%
Life Span: 1 Year

 price: 750php ( Around $ 18.00+ )

 place bought: online resellers like ebay, sulit, multiply
GEO Super Nudy Gray XCH-625
GEO Super Nudy Gray XCH-625

What I like:
  • Made my eyes bigger like a doll.
  • Affordable for a 1 year life span contact lens versus other brands.
  • Comes in different designs,colors,sizes.
  • Comes with a free lens case.
What I don't like:
  • Looks unnatural on me, IMO.
  • Uncomfortable to wear since it's bigger than the original size of my eyes.
  • I need to lubricate my eyes every 30 minutes.
  • Made my right eye "red" after using.
  • Wearable for 3 hours only.
Will I repurchase: No

     I give this a 3.5/5 rating. I love this because it made my eyes look bigger like a doll but it looks off on me. I also don't want to suffer my eye and feel uncomfortable. But I'm sure all fashionista, cos players, kikay, and everyone who loves wearing contact lenses will really like this. Just be sure to practice how to properly wear it. If not properly used, it will cause danger and harm to your eyes. Be sure to buy the authentic ones because there are a lot of fakes circulating around the market.

     Is it a Yay or a nyay? I need your help, I really can't decide :(

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  1. Hi Kath!

    You look prettier without it! The lenses are abnormally huge on your chinita-ish eyes and it just doesnt feel right like that. Well not unless your attending a cosplay or any function that requires you to go ulzzang :)

    I suddenly remembered that day when my BF was mortified to see my eyes looking unflatteringly big. I used the Vivigo Hyper Nudy circle lenses. I never looked back at using it again, ever. Hee.

  2. @Argie- sis, thanks for your honest comment. Ako din, d talaga ako comfortable and yun nga hindi talaga ako sanay na masyadong malaki. I feel na di bagay. Btw, yung ulzzang look ang gusto ko matutunan. thanks for commenting :)

  3. ack! the prize you won from the contest includes geo lenses too, and bigger than 14.8mm --- it's 15mm! i hope you'll like it though.

    i'm a contact lens user for more than a decade na, and i'm comfy naman in using them, but I just stick to the color that compliments my skin tone and closest to the real color of my eyes, brown or dark brown lang. if it's another color, off na talaga sya for me. i would suggest you use shades closest to your eye color too, and maybe not the doll eye effect lenses, just the regular and natural looking ones. but with or without them, you look pretty just the same. =)

    and truly, our guys hate these big lenses. Em would always complain that "I am not his Chay" when he looks into my eyes. hahaha. =)

  4. @Chay- Hi ^_^ thanks for the recommendation. Siguro di lang ako sanay sa big lenses kaya uncomfy sakin. pero matagal na din ako nagsu2ot ng contact lens. thanks for the prize. will make a review and link it to your blog. :)

  5. aww!i used contact lenses before, the 19mm .. all i can say same tayo ng nararamdaman when wearing it. and nahihilo ako pag suot ko un.. kaya after ko maramdaman yun never na ulit ako nagsuot ng contact lense.
    you look pretty naman kahit walang lenses eh. :)

  6. @aiko borja- awww! 19mm??? that's too big and I know it's more uncomfy. Thanks dear :)

  7. Ayy ang hirap naman pala ng magsuot ng contact lens nakakatakot mahapdi pala sa mata ngayon ko lang po nalaman kasi di pa ko nakasuot ng contact lens ehh nagmukha po kayong doll sis Kath ^_^ okay naman po ah!


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