To Blog or Not to Blog

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

To blog or not to blog
     I'm a reader of different blogs for more than a year now. It all started when I got bored from reading Facebook stuff and playing online games like Philippine Ragnarok Online. I must confess that I've learned a lot from bloggers especially on their product reviews and skincare must-haves. From then on, I learned to choose products that suit my skin care needs. I checked the labels and scrutinized each ingredient before buying it. This made me save money from wasting beauty products that will only irritate my sensitive skin. I also become updated by different makeup brands may it be high-end or costs effective ones. 

     Because of this, I decided to write my own blog. I know that this will be a very challenging hobby for me since the last time that I remember writing an article was during my college thesis and that's way, way back. I know I will sound stupid but pardon me if some of my words become ungrammatical.

     So here I am now, nervous and excited to venture into this world of blogging. I hope my readers will be patient in dealing with my posts. I'm a newbie and I sincerely welcome your comments and suggestion.

Fast forward today, the sacrifices and the support from you my dear readers made this blog on the top 20 Philippine blogs (Alexa Ranking) last June 2014. Thank you so much! 


Good Times!~


  1. I truly think this post is excellent - just believe that you can do this! I'm sure you'll do just fine. I've been blogging for less than three months, so I still consider myself a newbie :) Hope to see you around the blogging world! - Mar
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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  2. hi. thank you for visiting my blog and giving me the confidence to continue blogging. follow you back!


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