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Be Hair Free and Bare Ready with Lay Bare

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

     Hi dearies! I was invited by Lay Bare to try their services so that I can share my experience here on my blog last week. I didn't think twice and said yes to the invitation immediately because Lay Bare is my go-to waxing salon. Even before this feature, I'm already a loyal Lay Bare customer. I had my first underarm waxing and eyebrow threading at SM Fairview branch. When I see my underarm hair growing to 1/4 inches in length, I'd schedule my appointment with my favorite attendant because SM Fairview branch was always jam packed that time.

     Lay Bare is one of the first hair removal specialists here in our country. They're the ones who uses natural ingredients for their wax that's made of sugar, honey, and calamansi. At Lay Bare Waxing Salon, they believe that being “hair-free” is just the “bare minimum”. That’s why they created Thorough Care. If you're frequent to Lay Bare, I presume that you know they're using cold wax in removing unwanted hair but did you know that there are other awesome benefits that their cold wax formula can give your skin every time you undergo their waxing treatment? More details of their Thorough Care formula that will not only give you hair-free skin but make your skin Bare Ready!

Be Hair Free and Bare Ready with Lay Bare
Lay Bare Gateway Mall branch
     “Thorough Care” is a treatment where they uses cold wax that contains calamansi, sugar and honey. Calamansi helps whiten your skin, sugar exfoliates and removes dead skin cells, and honey contains antioxidants that help fight wrinkles. So when you get a wax at Lay Bare, you’re not just hair-free, but you also have whiter, softer and smoother skin. This is what they call being “Bare Ready”. Bare Ready means having total confidence about the skin of your sensitive areas and being ready to bare yourself.

Be Hair Free and Bare Ready with Lay Bare
Lay Bare cold wax uses a special formula called “Thorough Care” that contains calamansi, sugar and honey
     For this feature, I visited their Gateway Mall branch. The staffs are very accommodating and friendly. I find Lay Bare's theme nature friendly. They have green and brown color combination that is soothing to the eyes. I also like their simple yet clean surroundings. 

Be Hair Free and Bare Ready with Lay Bare
     Their treatment areas are clean even though it's a not that spacious. I feel comfortable inside their treatment area. The pre and post care treatment products are properly labeled and properly arranged in the designated area.

Be Hair Free and Bare Ready with Lay Bare
treatment room
     During my visit, I availed their eyebrow threading and Brazilian waxing service. I go to Lay Bare once or every two months for my eyebrow threading sesh. To tell you the truth, there's still a pain every threading session even though I do it on a regular basis but to a minimal level. I can say that Lay Bare's technique in threading is good because it doesn't hurt that much and I don't get a teary eye unlike with other hair waxing salon that I've tried before. It only took less than ten minutes for the threading session since I only have a few stray eyebrow hairs during my visit. 

Be Hair Free and Bare Ready with Lay Bare
my right eyebrow after the threading
     Before we proceed to the next service I availed I have a question to ask. Do you still use razor and shave to remove unwanted hair? Why is shaving not enough? Because being hair-free is just the "bare minimum". That is why Lay Bare's Thorough Care treatment doesn't just remove unwanted hair -- it helps you have light, softer, and smoother skin as well.

     Next service was Brazilian Wax. I presume that you already know what Brazilian waxing service is all about. Basically, all the hairs in the genital area will be stripped off. It is painful, but when you become used to it, the pain will be more tolerable. Because this is a Thorough care treatment, I was re-introduced to the methods and products used in waxing. Like what I've said about, their treatment involves a lot of benefits not only on the day of waxing but after that too. Thorough care treatment is:
  • A part of the Bare Ready campaign that was launched as a way to re-introduce Lay Bare to everyone to educate them about how they use cold jelly wax, and to highlight the benefits of its ingredients which their staff (and some clients) are very familiar with.
  • It is called "Thorough Care" to differentiate their hair removal service from other waxing salons, and their cold jelly wax from ordinary wax.
  • The THOROUGH CARE treatment doesn't just remove unwanted hair, it also helps them have lighter, softer, and smoother skin as being hair-free is just the BARE MINIMUM.

Be Hair Free and Bare Ready with Lay Bare
Helpful tips, post care products, and important things to know before and after the treatments
     Here are the things that I experienced after availing one of their Thorough Care treatment and will highly recommend to you especially if you still shave unwanted hair:
  • The first step in Lay Bare's Thorough care treatment is getting and showing their special cold wax that is made of natural ingredients. I've tried smelling the cold jelly wax and it smells natural- honey and calamansi to be exact.
  • The cold jelly wax is individually packaged so that it is for single use only. 
  • I noticed that hygiene is highly prioritized. Gloves are used to administer the service.
  • My attendant was very informative and she asks me f I'm okay every time she pulls out the unwanted hair.
  • I can say that the thorough care treatment makes Brazilian waxing not that painful because the cold jelly wax used eliminates the incidents of knicks, cuts, and burns.
  • I also like that the patch technique of removing unwanted hair lessen the pain of waxing particularly for a Brazilian wax.
  • My overall experience of their thorough care treatment is awesome. After the treatment, I noticed that my skin is soft and smooth. No irritations or whatsoever.
  • After a week, hair growth is slower than the usual.

Be Hair Free and Bare Ready with Lay Bare
Here are the post care, maintenance products that you can use after your waxing sesh: 
Lay Bare Exfoliating Cream, Lay Bare Soothing Cream, and Lay Bare Ultimate Lightening Gel
     Hair-free skin is only bare minimum. It doesn't end there because more than having a hair-free skin, one must see to it that bare skin needs utmost care that's why a Thorough care treatment consisting of natural ingredients is a must! Be hair free and bare ready this summer with Lay Bare!

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