LUCIDO-L Smooth and Sleek Straightening Milk

Product Review: LUCIDO-L Smooth and Sleek Straightening Milk

Saturday, July 20, 2013

     Hellos! Happy weekend dearies ^_^ I'm back with another review. I've been using this product for quite some time now and I'm really impressed with the results. I have a natural straight hair that's very low maintenance. After taking a bath, I just let it dry by itself and I'm good to go. But when I started applying hair dye 2 years ago, my hair started to become frizzy and dry. At first I ignored it but when the problem became more noticeable, I need to look for a product that will somehow lessen the appearance of unruly hair strands. 
     Thanks to Madom and Watsons for bringing another hair care product  that caters to different bad hair day needs! This hair supplement is not only for straight hair, they also have other variants for wavy, textured, and curly hair. It also comes in oil and milk form. Aside from taming my misbehaving hair, it's also a treatment that will restore hair's moisture and shine. When I bought this bottle, I was only aiming to tame the frizzy ends of my locks so I just use it every time I go outside the house but after using the milk thrice, I decided to use it everyday since it's also a hair treatment. Yay! I'm very happy with my decision. Even my sisters noticed that my hair looks healthy and shiny now. Click CONTINUE READING to know more about the product :)
LUCIDO- L Hair Make Supplement Styling Milk Straight- smooth and sleek
Hair supplement with styling function. It contains CMC- like ingredients*2 to compensate for the broken CMC inside hair follicles making it sufficiently moisturized. 


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