How to Travel Safely in San Francisco

Thursday, February 28, 2019

     San Francisco is an amazing melting pot of various cultures, resulting in diverse cuisines, festivals, and tourist attractions. It is a buzzing and bustling city that is known for its iconic landmarks, vibrant gastronomy, wonderful foggy weather, and stunning urban landscapes. San Francisco offers something for every kind of tourist. It’s no wonder that the City by the Bay is one of the most popular tourist destinations in America.

     While San Francisco is a fairly safe place for tourists, you can never be too careful while traveling. Whether you travel solo or in a group, safety in a new place is always a major concern. There are plenty of safe places for tourists in San Francisco. However, there are also many areas that are tricky to visit. A lot of risks are negated if you’re on some of the best San Francisco tours. However, you should follow these general travel safety tips to minimize the risks of traveling to San Francisco. 

How to Travel Safely in San Francisco

Do your research

     Every destination has its own set of scams and dangers. The best way to stay prepared is to be aware of them. Do your research thoroughly before your travel date. The internet is your friend - read through local news reports and personal stories of other travelers. You can also find out the areas with a high crime rate and completely avoid them. 

     Once you reach San Francisco, ask the locals for some advice. A good place to start is the hotel or hostel front desk employees. Most local folks in San Francisco are very friendly and would happily help out tourists in need. However, you can ensure the advice is accurate by getting a second opinion from other locals.

Keep in touch with loved ones

     It’s always wise to stay in constant contact with your close friends and family. Send them a copy of your detailed travel itinerary. Arrange for a call every hour or two so you can keep them informed of your daily schedule. If something does happen to you and you miss a few calls, your loved ones will know something is wrong and can alert the appropriate authorities. 

     Many people have the habit of posting their traveling agenda on social media by posting pictures and geo-tagging their posts. Making your itinerary public would give any criminal the tools they need to stalk and rob you. To ensure your safety, you should strictly post about your vacation after your trip is over. 

How to Travel Safely in San Francisco

Make copies of your original travel documents

     Always make physical and digital copies of your documents. Email the digital copies to yourself and leave your original documentation at your hotel safe or hostel locker. That means you can travel through the city carrying the physical copies of your documents. So, in the worst-case scenario, if your documents ever get robbed or misplaced, you always have a digital copy you can access at any time. 

     You should also have copies of the contact details of your family members, close friends, and your embassy. Write them down in a booklet and keep it with you at all times. You should also have a copy saved on your phone and email. So, if you ever get into any trouble, you can immediately contact them for any assistance. 

Use password protection and tracking tools

     We store sensitive information on our mobile phones, like email passwords and credit card information. You can start to digitally protect your phone by establishing a strong password. Choose a long and unique password to secure your mobile phone. It’s also essential to set up location tracking and install data wiping software. So, in the event your phone gets misplaced or stolen, you can track or erase your personal data from your mobile phone. 

How to Travel Safely in San Francisco

Keep your outfits plain and simple

     Pickpocketing is rampant in crowded tourist areas like Union Square, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Hayes Valley. So, stay aware of your surroundings and your belongings. Don’t keep your wallet in your back pocket. Instead, place it in your front pocket or inside your bag. Remember to hold your purse or bag in front of you using public transportation. 

     It’s important to dress simple and casual to reduce your chances of becoming a target. Dress like a local and don’t display your bling when you’re in an unfamiliar place. Leave your jewelry and other expensive valuables back home. If you do need to carry any costly item, like your camera, hide it properly when it’s not in use. 

Don’t drink too much

     Vacations should be fun, and if you like to party, you might be tempted to get drunk. However, alcohol dulls your senses and makes you vulnerable to anti-social elements. So, as much as you can, stay sober and alert of your surroundings when you travel. If you do enjoy a drink or two, have them between your meal and pace it throughout the day. Always be aware of what you’re drinking as you don’t want to be gulping down hard liquor when you’re traveling. You can avoid consuming spiked drinks by taking your booze directly from the bartender. 

How to Travel Safely in San Francisco

Ensure yourself with a good travel insurance plan

     You never know what might happen on a trip. That’s why it’s always a good idea to insure yourself properly. While you might be confident about your safety, it’s essential to prepare for the worst and insure yourself. Compare the details and pick the one that suits your situation the most. Remember to ensure that your belongings are covered in your insurance as well. A good travel insurance plan will cover the costs if something goes wrong. 

Travel Safely in San Francisco

     The chances of tourists encountering a crime are very low because high-crime rates are concentrated in certain districts like SoMA, Tenderloin, and 6th Street. So, steer clear of such neighborhoods and stay alert at all times. Overall, San Francisco is a very safe and stunning place. By following the above safety tips, you can safely enjoy everything San Francisco has to offer.

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