The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Mondays Made Better

Thursday, September 22, 2016

     Do you know the song "Manic Monday?" Monday should always start with positive vibes but for some, this is the day where some are still day dreaming of the past weekend. I have a friend who hates Monday because there is still a hang over from chill-party weekends.

     Did you know that Mondays are every successful individual's secret weapon? While the first day of the workweek may be a source of dread for some, others choose to see it as a fresh start, full of exciting possibilities. Seeking to inspire its customers to make Mondays better, the country's authority on premium coffee and tea, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, is celebrating some of today's most admired achievers by sharing snippets and stories of their success. Read more and be inspired after the jump!

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Mondays Made Better

     Just like how they select only the finest and rarest loose-leaf teas and premium coffees to serve to their customers, the brand has handpicked individuals from various fields of work to lead them on their mission to make Mondays better for everyone. 

     Mondays Made Better features the following individuals each of whom have openly shared their passion for their work and the reason that Mondays have everything to do with it.

For David Bonifacio, Mondays well spent bring a week of content. 
“I look forward to Mondays because they're opportunities to make work life better,” he reveals, who starts his Mondays on Sunday evenings in order to plan, prepare, and pray for the week ahead. “When you are managing multiple things, going for Big Hairy Audacious Goals, you cannot rely on just natural talent. You need to ready your soul and spirit.” 
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Mondays Made Better
The likes of entrepreneur, artist, and social worker David Bonifacio
Ria Casco sees Mondays as an exciting start of another week to live her calling to do creative work. 
“Nothing thrills me more than collaborating with like-minded creatives to capture stories through beautiful images. That, and a stimulating dose of tea gets me up at anytime on any day—Mondays included,” confides Ria Casco.
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Mondays Made Better
Renowned fashion stylist Ria Casco
 For Dan Matutina, Mondays mean meeting new challenges head on. 
"I look forward to Mondays because it's an opportunity to go back to work,” shares Dan Matutina. He says, “It's an opportunity to solve new challenges, meet new clients and work on new projects.”

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Mondays Made Better
Graphic designer and illustrator Dan Matutina
Meg Manzano often needs to pinch herself on Mondays, because her work as a writer and stylist is her childhood dream come true. 
“My work has given me the opportunity to be able to work with people, brands, and stores that I grew up with” explains Meg Manzano. She tells, “It is humbling to think that my work can build things that could be a part of someone else's childhood. Realizing this keeps me committed to my craft, making Mondays not just bearable but anticipated—of course, a warm cup of tea won't hurt.”
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Mondays Made BetterFashion journalist and stylist Meg Manzano
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Mondays Made Better 
  • Happening in tandem with an extra incentive from the brand that loves to pour happy. 
  • To provide customers with another reason to look forward to Mondays, they are also offering Featured Teas and Tea Lattes at a discounted price of Php 100 for all SMALL size (hot drinks) and REGULAR size (cold drinks) from now until October 3, 2016. 
  • Swirl Rewards cardholders also have the opportunity to double their Swirl Rewards points for every purchase of any Php 100 Monday beverage.
  • This promo is valid in all The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stores, except for the CBTL Coffee Bars.

     So guys, there are many reasons why you have to love Mondays especially that The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Mondays Made Better encourages you to stay positive and inspired on the fist day of the week. They are also offering discounted drink to make your Monday really even better!

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