The Definitive Guide To Pet Health Insurance

Sunday, June 26, 2022

     The US leads with the highest pet ownership rate, at 80% (70 million dogs and 74 million cats). Unfortunately, health insurance rates are much lower, with only 3.9 million pets insured by 2021. The low pet insurance rate may be due to insufficient information on pet health insurance. Here is a helpful guide on what you need to know. Here is a guide to pet health insurance:
  1. Find out what is or isn’t covered in the policy.
  2. Timing is critical.
  3. Pet health insurance has limited regulation.
  4. The insurance focuses on reimbursements.
  5. Pick an insurance plan that covers most ailments.
     Pet health insurance has several similarities to human health insurance. However, it also has some differences, which you need to know before enrolling your pet.

The Definitive Guide To Pet Health Insurance
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SIMPARICA TRIO: Complete Protection in One Yummy Chewable Tablet

Friday, November 19, 2021

     When it comes to caring for our dogs, it’s our job to keep our fur buddies healthy and safe. Knowing what may be detrimental to their health is an important part of being a responsible owner.

     Three major health concerns for dog owners include heartworm, gastrointestinal worms, and ticks & fleas--a single bite from any of these parasites pose as a potentially deadly disease for our pets. But what exactly are these pests that cause harm to our beloved dogs?

SIMPARICA TRIO: Complete Protection in One Yummy Chewable Tablet

An Impawfect World Made Pawfect: New Normal Care Tips For Your Dog

Tuesday, November 09, 2021

     Uncertainties in this “new” daily life we live in cause anxiety and an abundance of worries. For some, having a “buddy” contributes greatly to one’s well-being and proves to be a great companion that reduces our stress while giving us comfort and even contentment. 

     While this may be a positive aspect during these times, one has to take time to consider all factors in being a pet owner. It’s best to evaluate if you’re fit to take in a fur baby in your home and one has to be knowledgeable of the responsibilities needed before you take the leap. Why? Because raising a pet is almost like raising a human being with needing to provide them with security, comfort, basic needs, and regular medical care. If you're a fur parent or you know someone who loves a dog, I also suggest that when giving them a gift, it's best to look for gifts for dog lovers online. It's one of the many ways how to express your love and adoration for your beloved pet. But before that, read more below :)

An Impawfect World Made Pawfect: New Normal Care Tips For Your Dog
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100 Years of Famous Dogs

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

     In honor of our furry friends we all love and care for, Mr&MrsPaw created ‘100 Years of Famous Dogs’. This fun video combines our love and devotion for dogs with our appreciation for classic cinema. It pays homage to the dogs we grew up watching on the big screen. Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, Benji, Pongo, and a very cute surprise dog, all make an appearance!

     Honest Paws works every day to help pets all around the United States have longer, healthier and happier lives. Their treats are made of pure CBD oil and natural ingredients by Honest Paws.

100 Years of Famous Dogs


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