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Product Review: Luna Organics Autumn and Summer Clay Blush

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

     Hi dearies! Guess what? I've already jumped in the bandwagon and decided to get myself the infamous Luna Organics Clay Blush and see if I can get that drunk flush look that everyone is raving online. 

     Most of my beauty blogger and vlogger friends who made a review on Luna Organics Clay Blush gave it a thumbs up. This means that if you're looking for a blush that is organic, affordable, and flattering to your skin tone, then you must definitely give this a try! This is not a sponsored review, I bought the full size and trial size of Luna Organics Autumn and Summer Clay Blush from a very good friend Deann of  Make You Blush online store. So without further ado, see photos, swatch, and my thoughts after the jump.

Product Review: Luna Organics Autumn and Summer Clay Blush

Product Review: Skinfood Rose Cheek Chalk in Rose Peach

Saturday, October 06, 2012

     Good morning guys! This review has been sitting on my blog bin for quite some time now. I think it's time to share my thoughts about this product after months of use. I also want to lessen my backlogs that's why I'm wide-awake till now editing some posts and watermarking photos. I mentioned on my previous posts that I'm a lip balm gal. Did I mentioned that I'm also a lip cheek tint addict? Well that was after graduating college. If my memory serves me right, I can't leave the house without my cheek tint on. I feel naked without it. But when my skin started breaking out badly, a year after graduation I stopped using cheek tints. I looked so sickly without it until I met bb creams that gave my skin a glow and healthy flush as if I'm wearing a blush.

     Even though I'm addicted to cheek tints before, I also tried using powder blush. My first powder blush was E.L.F. Natural Radiance in Glow. I love this blush to bits but the staying power was so so for my cheeks. I'm lemming for a NARS Orgasm blush but it's too pricey for a stay at home mom like me. I said to myself that I'll buy expensive makeups when I already have a stable job. 

     So when I was browsing and looking for a cheaper dupe or closer dupe of NARS Orgasm aside from E.L.F., I found this cute little blush from Skinfood's website but still the price was a bit steep for me that time. I waited for many many months and after some time I was lucky to be one of J's winner for her birthday giveaway. I won this set  and I'm very happy that this set also includes Benefit Cha Cha Tint that I will review on my next post. 

     This is the only cream to powder blush in my makeup stash right now. I think I need a backup cause I've already hit the pan but I'm still having second thoughts on what shade to choose. The shade of this is blush is #2 Rose Peach, I think shade #1 Rose Pink looks cute too. 
Skinfood Rose Cheek Chalk in Rose Peach
Containing moist, soft rosehip oil, this cream-type pearl blusher provides a sheer, gorgeous makeup finish. Its creamy texture allows for easy application, so it can be applied well over powder. A variety of contained pearls reflect light in different directions, creating the appearance of depth and radiance.
Skinfood Rose Cheek Chalk in Rose Peach
This blush comes with a puff applicator. J discarded the puff applicator and replaced it with this sponge.
Skinfood Rose Cheek Chalk in Rose Peach
Look ma, I already abused this blush XD
size: 4.5g

price: 400 php online (Around $7.00)

place bought:  J (The Little Cool Shop)

instruction for use: For a natural, vibrant look, pat gently onto cheek using fingers or contained puff, then finish with powder. For a cute look, after applying powder, pat gently onto center of cheeks using fingers or puff. 

ingredients: I cannot read the ingredients because it's in Korean text.
Skinfood Rose Cheek Chalk in Rose Peach
Swatch twice at the back of my hand, there's a bit of shimmer
Skinfood Rose Cheek Chalk in Rose Peach
On my cheek, sorry for the uneven application. I was in a hurry when I applied this blush
What I like:
  • The most cost –effective blush that I’ve used. 
  • The finish is matte even though it has a bit of shimmer.
  • Easy to apply from cream to powder finish.
  • Amazingly long lasting. More than 8 hours with no blush retouch and there’s still color to my cheeks. 
  • Nice color payoff. 
  • Pleasant fragrance. 
What I don't like:
  • Very small tub.
  • I guess the puff doesn't work because the seller replaced it with a sponge.
Will I repurchase? Yes, I want to try the rose pink shade.


     I give this blush a 4.5/5 rating. I always use this blush when I go to events and when I go on a date with ze hubby. This blush looks good on photos too and very natural in person. I think the puff that comes with it was effin hard to use so substituting it with a sponge will do the job. I apply this on top of my powder foundation or after applying bb cream. 

     What's your favorite blush? Thanks for sharing! Have a great day ahead :D

Good Times!~

For the Love of Benefit+ Skinfood Rose Cheek Chalk

Friday, February 10, 2012

     Hi lovelies! As much as I wanted to make a review on new stuffs that I bought last month, my camera is acting up again! phew~ I can't take pictures clearly so I decided to use my phone and make a quick post on what I won in a birthday blog sale. These makeups are actually lemmings and I'm happy even though it's not brand new, I can test and try it and see why some girls go gaga over it.
     I always budget the money I get from my husband that's why I consider some makeups high end and one of them is Benefit. So when I saw that there's an ongoing birthday blog sale, I took the advantage of joining and luckily I won. These are the stuffs included in the loot:

Benefit Cha Cha Tint and Skinfood Rose Cheek Chalk

     I'm happy that my makeup stash is getting bigger and bigger. Does it mean I'm a makeup addict now? I think I'm not because I'm just starting to appreciate makeup unlike before. I'm still trying to learn how to put cheek tint and cream blush because I always end up looking like a clown or hit by Pacquiao. Kidding aside, but I'm telling you the truth that I really need to watch you tube videos for tutorials and practice every day. 
    I hope I can share with you nice photos of me wearing Benefit Cha Cha tint and Skinfood Rose Cheek Chalk. 
    What's your Benefit lip and cheek tint favorites? I would love to hear your suggestions on how to apply cheek tint for that natural and healthy glow. Thanks for sharing!

Good Times!~



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