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Globe Launches HOOQ Asia's Video-On Demand Service

Monday, February 16, 2015

     With the rise of modern technology, access to everything "online" is a breeze. As long as you have an android phone, a laptop or a desktop or any device where you can connect through the internet, you'll always be updated in the world wide web. 

     Last February 5, I was invited to the launch of another "trend-setter" app that will surely hit our country by storm. HOOQ, Asia's video-on-demand service, announced that it will kick off in the Philippines from late February in partnership with Globe Telecom. Everyone's so excited! Imagine your mobile devices, laptop and desktop computers streaming over 10,000 blockbuster movies and TV series unlimited for month with a fixed rate that is very affordable and easy on the pocket? Excited to know more about HOOQ? Click CONTINUE READING to find out and Let's HOOQ up!
Globe Launches HOOQ Asia's Video-On Demand Service


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