SM Stationery Art Fest 2017

Sunday, April 23, 2017

     Remember my post last year on SM Stationery ArtFest? This year, they made the event more exciting and invited a new roster of talented individuals to showcase their skills and share them to to all arts and crafts enthusiasts.

     I was once again invited to this year's launching leg of  SM Stationery ArtFest last April 19, 2017 at SM Megamall Mega Fashion Hall. The conference was the official opening of the event to public and as one of the invited bloggers, I got the first dibs on what this 5-day event has to offer to aspiring and budding artists and to all individuals who love paper, pen, and art materials. Sharing with you below highlights of the launching and feature of SM Stationery products like Sharpie, Faber Castell, Elmer's, Simbalion, Pilot, M&G and Ifex.

SM Stationery ArtFest 2017

Feature: SM Stationery Art Fest

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

     The recently concluded first SM Stationery Art Fest was a success! This 5-day event held at SM Megamall's Mega Fashion Hall made the artsy and the budding artist ecstatic and super happy because during the event, they're or rather we (I was there on the first day) in art heaven! The first ever SM Stationery #SMStationeryArtFest showcased popular arts and crafts like Calligraphy, Painting, Doodling, and Comic Book Illustration with a fresh, exciting spin from young and talented artists.

     I have a son who is a budding artist. He loves drawing and coloring that's why I always buy art materials and make sure that he is using the best brands of arts and crafts materials in the market today. During the event, I saw four of the well-love arts and crafts brands in the market today who also happened to be the partner brands of the event like Faber Castell Coloring Materials, Pentel Arts, Titus Pens, and IFEX Fine Papers. They have designated booths and some of their best-selling and new products were on display. More highlights of the event below :)

Feature: Sm Stationery Art Fest 
     For the first day of the event, I went to each booth and check out the latest products on display. First up, the booth of Pentel. This brand has been in the market for 70 years and until now they are producing high quality products. During the event, they highlighted their Pentel Arts line of  art products suitable for kids and kid-at-heart!

Feature: Sm Stationery Art Fest 
Pentel Arts' Art Sets and Oil Pastels
     They have art sets on display which include a coloring book, a set of pentel color pens, and oil pastels. There's also what I call adult set containing a drawing book, oil pastels, and jumbo pentel markers. Oh by the way, Pentel is looking for brand ambassadors. If you got what it takes to be one of them, send an email to pentelambassador@gmail.com with your name, contact details, email, address, and school to get an application form.

Feature: Sm Stationery Art Fest 
Pentel Arts
     Next booth made me so giddy because drum roll please... it's all about adult coloring book! OBRA Adult Coloring Book offers different images and pictures that I'm sure adult coloring book addicts will really like.

Feature: Sm Stationery Art Fest 
OBRA Adult Coloring Book
     If you're into fashion there's OBRA Fashionista, Hibla, and Tinta. For the fantasy lovers, Fantasia, Mandala, and Manika will be your stress-relievers while the nature lovers will surely enjoy coloring the pages of Flora and Fauna, Sanctuario, Atlantika, Geomalia, and Botanica. If you're into random things and objects Psychedelic, Arkitectura, Obra, Graphika, Imago, and Viaje.

Feature: Sm Stationery Art Fest 
OBRA Adult Coloring Book     
     Another brand that I'm sure you've been buying since childhood if you're into drawing and coloring is Faber Castell. This brand is making waves in the colored pencil industry. They are producing beautiful colored pencils in sleek attractive tin pencil cases.

Feature: Sm Stationery Art Fest 
     Faber Castell became a well-known brand for pencil and colored pencil but their product line is growing now here in the country. They also have colored pens, markers, oil pastels, and what Kenzo is itching to use for days now- watercolor pencils! So if you're into water color, go get this one :)

Feature: Sm Stationery Art Fest 
     This rising brand has taken the country doodler by storm. I'm not sure if you've already heard the word 'doodle' but this term became famous two years ago if my memory serves me right. Google it and doodle means to draw or sketch aimlessly. Sketching would be my best definition of doodle and Titus Pens gave a more colorful meaning to doodling.

Feature: Sm Stationery Art Fest
Titus Pens products
     At the Titus Pens booth, I saw different ball pens in different colors! These colored ball pens from Titus are addicting to use. Since Titus pens have a wide-array of colors, you can now draw and color using one ball pen. The photo below shows a work of art using Titus Pens, amazing!

Feature: Sm Stationery Art Fest 
iDoodle Manila using Titus Pens
     Here's a closer look at Titus Pens colored ball pens and writing materials. I like all the colors of this ball pen and been using them to write on my planner the day I got hold of the set.

Feature: Sm Stationery Art Fest 
Titus Pens
     Pilot- one of the trusted ball pen brands was also there to introduce new writing products that will take writing further. Introducing Pilot Parallel Pens. A breakthrough in calligraphy pen design, this pen features a nib that consists of two parallel plates, allowing the writer to produce lines sharper than existing calligraphy pens. Ink cartridges can be switched in the pen to create gradated color lines and mixed colors.

Feature: Sm Stationery Art Fest 
Pilot Parallel Pen
     This calligraphy pen is refillable. • Major breakthrough in calligraphy pen design! • The Parallel Pens come in four nib widths: 1.5 mm, 2.4 mm, .38 mm and 6.0 mm • Unique parallel plate structure achieves a more beautiful and sharper handwriting than existing calligraphy pens • Mixable colors-simply touch the nibs of two Parallel Pens together to create beautiful color graduations • Refillable with Parallel refill-single color (boxes of 6 ea.) or assorted box of 12 *Cap color indicates point size, not ink color

Feature: Sm Stationery Art Fest 
     And last but not the least- IFEX Paper or International Fine Exchange Paper. Drawing, coloring, doodling, and calligraphy will not be complete without a canvass which mostly are made of paper. All drawing starts in a piece of paper right? IFEX aims to improve product offering to suit all your specialty paper needs, to be a reliable paper consultant and to give better customer service.

Feature: Sm Stationery Art Fest 
IFEX Products- stationery sets, gift cards, offset papers, digital papers, and fine arts
     This event also featured several individuals in different field of arts and design. They were the speakers during the event who gave tips and shared their techniques in their chosen field. Celebrity blogger and fashion design student Dani Barretto shared her thoughts on fashion design; while Harvey Tolibao, who has done work for Marvel and DC Comics, helped the participants illustrate their favorite Marvel characters with his comic books illustration workshop.

Feature: Sm Stationery Art Fest 
Dani Barretto and Harvey Tolibao

     It is said that legendary Apple founder Steve Jobs had a background in calligraphy, which influenced him in creating his ground- breaking products. During the event, today’s techies have a second look at it with workshops by The ABCs of Hand Lettering author Abbey Sy, and freehand calligrapher Alexis Ventura shared their styles and techniques on typography and calligraphy.

Feature: Sm Stationery Art Fest 
Alexis Ventura
     Doodle enthusiasts had fun doodling with Doodle Art Enthusiasts Head Lei Melendres; while caricaturist, graphic designer, illustrator, and painter Aaron Manaloto and artist and designer Vin Quilop shared some of their painting techniques in oil pastel and water color painting.

Feature: Sm Stationery Art Fest
Caricaturist, graphic designer, illustrator and painter Aaron Manaloto and
Doodle Artist Lei Melendres,
     There was also exhibition of artworks of these young artists and on-ground activities of the participating brands last April 13 to 15, 2016. Shoppers who purchased items at least worth P300 at the Mega Fashion Hall also got a chance to join the workshop prepared by SM Stationery and partner brands. To make the event more fun and exciting, they also gave special prizes to the workshop attendees at the end of the workshop. 

     The latest arts and crafts collection are available at the SM Stationery Section at the SM Stores. 

For more info on SM Stationery, visit their website www.smstationery.com.ph 
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