Maybelline Makeup Remover- Eye and Lip

Product Review: Maybelline Makeup Remover- Eye and Lip

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

     Remember my post that I'm ranting on my broken camera? Now it's times two! My son accidentally kicked the laptop that I'm using and something happened to its hard drive. I don't know if my hubby can fix it or we'll just buy a new hard drive and try to save our precious photos from the broken one. But I'm still thankful that I can use the old desktop computer in our house and can access the internet from time to time.

     Anyhoo, I want to share my thoughts on my first makeup remover. I really don't use makeup remover because my skin care routine only includes facial wipes and soap for removing bb cream and lipstick and eyeliner but lately I'm fond of using mascara that's why I decided to buy makeup remover for my eye. I know that some mascara is a pain to remove and you'll ended up with panda eyes. Since I'm using a waterproof mascara, I need a semi heavy duty makeup remover for my eyes that facial wipes and soap can't take off. Click CONTINUE READING to read more.
Product Review: Maybelline Makeup Remover- Eye and Lip


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