Girlstuff Nail Polish Au Naturel Collection

Girlstuff Holiday Collection 2018 Au Naturel

Friday, December 28, 2018

     I was looking at my nail care archive last week and to my surprise, the last post on nail polish was over a year ago. It's still from the same brand that I'm going to share today. If you're a follower on Instagram @dearkittykittiekath, prolly you've seen me sporting colored nails on my stories often. It's because Girlstuff Forever launched a collection that is close to my heart- Girlstuff Au Naturel Collection.

     It was launched in time for the holiday season with a theme of going back to basics. There are four neutral shades and a bold one that compliments any kind of outfit. I love neutral colors. I find them pretty and will never go out of style. So without further ado, check out the swatches of my favorite shades from Girlstuff Au Naturel Collection below.

Girlstuff Holiday Collection 2018 Au Naturel


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