How to Get Rid of Chapped Lips for Good

Sunday, March 01, 2020

     Winter is notorious for doing a real number on your skin, leaving many with tight, dry, and itchy skin. That cold air that is constantly blowing against your skin can suck any ounce of moisture right out of it, leaving you to scramble on how to stay hydrated. One of the first areas to show any signs of dryness and chapped skin is often your lips. Once they become chapped, a vicious cycle begins of trying to stop them from peeling, cracking, and bleeding, while keeping them as hydrated as possible.

     Rather than be caught in what can feel like the never-ending cycle of chapped lips, here are some ways you can banish them for good and enjoy soft supple lips all year-round.

How to Get Rid of Chapped Lips for Good
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Care for Your Lips All Year-Round

     This first tip is one of the most important and that is to ensure you’re caring for your lips all year-round, not just in the winter. Summer can actually be equally as tough on your lips, as that hot summer sun can cause them to burn and dry right up. The best tip is to be aware of the condition of your lips at all times, and just assume they need a little extra help regardless of the season.

Use a Lip Mask

     Another tip is to start using a lip mask on a daily basis. Lip masks work to provide a deeper level of hydration and care versus a standard lip balm. Over a short amount of time, they are able to hydrate and soften your lips. Lip masks shouldn't be your only line of defense though, as they are meant to prepare your lips for balm, lipstick, and so forth.

     Use a lip mask to plump and smooth the look of your lips by providing very gentle exfoliation. Getting rid of that dry outer layer will help to reveal the healthy skin underneath. With a product like this, you want to take care to read the instructions so that you don’t over-exfoliate, as it is a fine balance and too much exfoliation could be uncomfortable.

Use Lip Balm on a Regular Daily Basis

     Lip balms should also be a staple in your routine, so carry one with you wherever you are. You want to specifically find one that offers moisture, protection, and soothing elements. Experts recommend looking for a lip balm that has such ingredients in it as beeswax, lanolin, ceramides, and/or petroleum. 

     Be sure to steer clear of those that are minty and contain camphor, menthol, or phenol. While the mint may smell fresh and you enjoy the tingly feeling, unfortunately, these can be very drying on your lips. So instead of helping your lips, you may be drying them out even more.

Opt for Natural Home Remedies

    There is also a whole list of home remedies that you can use that will do a great job of keeping your lips hydrated. You can use these items as a balm or as a treatment that you leave on for a short time. Ingredients to reach for in your home include cucumber, honey, green tea, coconut oil, and aloe vera. It’s just not always as fast and convenient to be reaching for these items, plus it can get a little messy.

There’s No Reason to Struggle with Chapped Lips

     If you’ve chalked up your constant chapped lips as just something you have to deal with, it’s time to think again. Chapped lips are very manageable and something that you can likely banish for good with just a few simple tips and steps.

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