Travelling with a Toddler: 6 Things You Need

Friday, June 29, 2018

     Travelling with a toddler is never easy for anyone. Your child doesn’t care if you’re in the middle of a crowded plane when deciding whether to throw a temper tantrum.

     Things can and will go wrong. The trip will be stressful, but if you pack the right things you’ll be able to meet those difficulties. Let’s take a look at the six main things you need when travelling with a toddler.

Travelling with a Toddler: 6 Things You Need

Bring a Tablet to Keep Them Entertained

     These days tablets are great tools to keep toddlers entertained. With lots of kid-friendly apps and the opportunity to include their favorite books, they can touch the screen and absorb the sights and sounds of their favorite characters.

     Your tablet will be a great accompaniment during those long flights or car rides when your toddler will be experiencing the maximum amount of stress.

     Just remember to install a VPN to protect your device if you’re connecting to the Internet. There’s one tutorial from Troypoint that can help you to do this.

Wet Wipes for Any Occasion

     Little messes happen when you’re on the road. Whether it’s soiling themselves, spitting up, or just spilling food and drink things happen. Wet wipes are ideal for any occasion where you need to quickly clean things up. They’re also great for quickly refreshing your toddler in warmer conditions.

Extra Sets of Clothes

     Car and air sickness are more common among toddlers. Toddlers are more vulnerable to suffering from it. We recommend taking three or four changes of clothes on long haul journeys.

     Luckily, clothes for toddlers are small, so you shouldn’t have any problems bringing them with you no matter what. Hardly a travel beauty item, but essential!

Something to Suck On

     Lollipops are always a favorite for toddlers. As well as serving as a tasty treat, they’re a proven way to help toddlers deal with bumpy roads and landing/take off in an airplane.

     They act as a distraction and they can counter the pain caused by ear popping when landing in a new country.

Documentation for Your Family

     This is more relevant whenever you’re crossing borders to another country. Keep in mind that most countries are extremely paranoid about the prospect of child kidnapping.

     If you’re travelling with your toddler, make sure you have any and all documentation explaining your relationship with your child. Even countries like Canada will check, so a quick trip across the border can quickly turn into a nightmare if you don’t have this information.

     This is even more pertinent if only one parent is travelling. Nearly every country demands written permission from the other parent confirming that they know of and consent to the trip. It’s an annoying little hassle, but it’s one you can’t avoid.

Access to Loved Ones

     Even toddlers know when they’re away from the faces they know. Bring a tablet or a laptop that can be connected to loved ones back home.

     For example, contacting grandma and seeing her face on the screen can keep your toddler happy and stop them from getting too stressed about being away from home.

Last Word – Toddler Travel Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare

     Many parents will avoid travel with a toddler purely to avoid the hassle of dealing with tantrums and a whole host of other problems. Any parent knows that a vacation with a young child is no vacation for them.

     But if you prepare in advance it doesn’t have to turn into a nightmare. It just requires you to be tolerant and mindful of your toddler’s unique needs. Do you have any other tips for travelling with a toddler?


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