6 Ways to Save For Your Dream Vacation

Monday, May 07, 2018

     In a perfect world, everyone would be able to go anywhere they want without worrying about the expenses. But, this is not a perfect world and we all know it. The number of people who can afford to go on a luxurious vacation without worrying about their budget is very small. The rest of us have to be smart about it, or there won’t be any vacation for us. Especially not a dream vacation.

     If you want to visit some wonderful place but do not know where and how to get the money to do so, here are some tips that will help you achieve this. 

6 Ways to Save For Your Dream Vacation

Be Realistic

     Do some preliminary research. Think things through. Make a list of the places you like to visit for vacation, consider your budget, and see if saving for that trip is actually possible. 

     If it is possible, how much time would you need to save the actual money? If this is too far away, wouldn’t you want to go somewhere cheaper or closer, or are you willing to do the waiting part?

Make an Expense Plan First, Save Later

     You cannot really start saving money if you don’t know how much you will need. Instead of just saving money for a vacation without a specific goal in mind, make your expense plan first. 

     When you have selected the vacation destination you are saving for, you need to continue your research. Check the cost of flights, accommodation, transportation to and in the place you are visiting, cost of meals, tickets, etc. Eliminate all the things you don’t have to do on your vacation – a total of everything left will give you a nice idea of the minimum you need to save. 

     Of course, you should continue saving even after you reach this number. You will need some emergency cash or even something to spoil yourself there, per se. Also, make sure to protect the vacation expenses you planned. Otherwise, you might get into a financial hole without even getting the chance to make the vacation memories you wanted. 

Start Looking for Sources of Income

     When we say sources of income, we don’t just mean your primary source of income. Spending less comes naturally when you want to save money, but what if you need more to go to the vacation you have in mind?

     If this is the case, it is time to look for alternative sources of income. Do you have a talent you can leverage, such as singing, playing an instrument, painting, etc.? You can always do this in your spare time, even while on vacation. Many people travel the world and earn by playing music on the street, you know. 

     Another great idea is to hold a garage sale. When you want to save for an expensive vacation of your dreams, this is considered the perfect time to sell the things you don’t need and get some instant cash.

Look for Economical Transportation Methods

     Look into public transport and alternatives to the one you already have to get to your desired destination. You might want to cross that car rental idea off your list if public transportation is more economical for you.

     When you are planning your transportation, don’t forget to research for ways to get from the airport to the hotel, if you are traveling by plane. 

Shop for Food

     Instead of living the luxurious life of always eating out, you might want to consider shopping for food while on vacation. Food on vacation can get really pricey, especially if you are traveling to a popular destination where restaurants are expensive. 

     You can give yourself the luxury of eating out once or twice, but if this is too much for you, opt to use the local market or grocery store. 

Get the Timing Right

     All the expenses for your trip will depend on when and where you are going. If you have a specific destination in mind, what’s left to decide is when you will visit this place. 

     Every place is beautiful, always. You don't have to wait to save a fortune to visit a destination you like in the peak season if you can simply wait for a couple of months and spend three times less out of it. Traveling off-season usually saves people a lot of money and you will still get the chance to live your dream vacation.

     This will help you save for your trip and when you get there, all you have to do is secure your belongings, follow your spending plan and enjoy the dream vacation!

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