Top Tips for Passing Your Driving Theory Test First Time

Thursday, May 19, 2016

     For many people, the theory test part of learning to drive is more frightening than actually driving the car itself. In many cases, learner drivers feel comfortable learning to drive on the road and getting into the habit of safe driving in order to prepare for their practical test, but can’t get their heads around learning all of the different facts and bits of information that they will be asked about during the theory test. But, the theory test is essential to learning to drive and getting your license – without a pass, you won’t be allowed to sit the practical test, no matter how good of a driver you have become. Here are some top tips for passing your theory test.

Top Tips for Passing Your Driving Theory Test First Time
Start Early

     Leaving revising for your theory test to the last minute is a recipe for disaster. Although you may learn a lot of the answers to the questions that you’ll be asked - such as identifying different road signs - whilst you’re actually out on your driving lessons, don’t assume that because you’ve had a lot of lessons you will know the answers to all of the questions. Beginning early gives you the best chance of learning as much information as possible and familiarising yourself with the type of questions that are asked. When it comes to revision materials, there is a huge range available. Along with the DVLA’s official materials, you can also get free access to mock tests and more at Top Tests. 

Ask Questions

     It is your driving instructor’s job to help you learn how to drive and pass your test with as little attempts as possible – and this includes the theory test, too. If you’re worried about any part of your theory test or have a question about any of the information included in the test, your driving instructor will be able to help. No matter how silly you think your question may seem, it’s important to make sure that you have a clear understanding of what is expected of you during the test and the type of questions that you will be answering. A good driving instructor will be knowledgeable about the theory test and able to discuss with you any problems or questions that you might have to help put your mind at rest. 

Drive First

    Many learner drivers take the theory test before they start driving in order to get it out of the way. Whilst this may be a good strategy for some, others fail on the hazard perception part of the test simply because they are not used to looking out for hazards on the road. Taking a few driving lessons before sitting your test can improve your response time, as you’ll be able to anticipate the types of hazards that you’re looking for and it will be less of an alien experience for you. Talk to your driving instructor about doing a driving lesson where you focus on hazards in order to best prepare you for this part of the test. 

Passing your theory test first time is easy when you put in the right practice.

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