Do you sacrifice Fashion for Comfort?

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

      When it comes to fashion, I know that my style is more of the average girl next door. I feel at ease wearing jeans and shorts paired with tees and blouses. I'm also a fan of flip-flops and ballet flats. I noticed that I'm getting bored with what I use to like before. I'm developing a bit of mature fashion sense because I'm into dresses and wedges lately. But wearing heels lately gave me the "ouch" feeling that I never felt before. 

     I need something that will make me walk with confidence. Something that will ease the pain and make my feet comfortable. I'm glad that this I found this:
Watsons Foot Ease Gel Cushions
Watsons Foot Ease Gel Cushions

*Invisible Gel Comfort
*Prevents Pain in the balls of your feet
*Work all day, party all night
*Made from cushioning gel for super impact absorption
*Clear, slim and invisible comfort
*Non-slip grip for high heels, stilettos, boots, party shoes or strappy sandals

Watsons Foot Ease Gel Cushions
Contains 1 pair (Left and Right) Gel Cushions

price: 99php (Around $2.30+)

place bought: Watsons SM fairview

instruction for use: peel cushions off their protective film and place in shoe smooth side down, tapered end facing heel

     I love this gel! It really feels comfortable walking, I can walk with confidence without the feeling of pain or itchy burning sensation on the balls of my feet. I should have known this before. No more achy feet. Now, I can wear my wedge and pumps without sacrificing comfort.  

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  1. I have something similar to this, and it does help a lot. I love wearing stilettos. :D

    Anyway, I do sacrifice fashion over physical comfort sometimes. Pero I don't sacrifice my style comfortableness. Kung may trend na style na I know I won't be psychologically comfortable in (e.g. harem pants), I won't wear them just because they're fashionable. (Is there such a thing as psychological comfortable-ness? What was I saying?)

  2. @Rae- Thanks for sharing. Inggit naman ako sa inyo na nakakapag-suot ng stilettos. Gusto ko din ma-try yung ganung style ng shoes or sandals. Kaya lang di ko pa kaya. Nakakatawa ako mglakad pag ganun. Siguro meron term na psychological comfortable-ness within us, mahirap explain pero alam ko ganun din ako minsan. hehehe

  3. wow, lagi ko to nakikita sa watsons pero d ko masyado pinapansin kasi d naman ako masyado nagsusuot ng mga heels kasi student pa ako and hindi ko need ng mga casual heel as for now.HAHA!
    but great post! ♥

  4. @Isabel- Hi :) thanks for dropping by, kahit ako din dati di ko pinapansin tapos useful pala to XD


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