Feature: Bambini Baby Cologne

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

     Hello mommies! Have you heard of Bambini or Bambini Baby Cologne? If I'm not mistaken, this brand of baby cologne has been on the market since 2009. I've seen the commercial of teens spraying Bambini while dancing. During that time, the cologne was manufactured by another company.

     Fast forward today, Bambini Baby Cologne is one of the brands under Cosmetique Asia Corporation. Bambini is relaunched as its first endeavor in the baby category. Bambini Baby Cologne is introduced in 2016 and now making a nice come after making Iya Villania and baby Primo as their brand ambassadors. Let me introduce the Bambino Baby Cologne scents and share our favorites after the jump!

Bambini Baby Cologne

Bambini Baby Cologne

     According to Cosmetique Asia website- We treasure the playful bond you share with your little ones. These tiny precious moments are made even more enjoyable with Bambini Baby Cologne. Its gentle and nonirritating formula helps keep your babies fresh all day!

Bambini Baby Cologne

     There are five Bambini Baby Cologne scents that kids and the kids at heart will love. Each bottle has an animal character printed on it and corresponds to a specific scent. The five variants are Cotton Cuddles (green), Morning Tickles (pink), Ocean Kisses (blue), Sunny Playtime (orange), and Starry Lullaby (purple).

1. Bambini Baby Cologne Cotton Cuddles- green bottle. This scent is represented by a sheep. The name compliments the animal sheep :) I think the color green also means farm or grassland. It's where the sheep live.

Feature: Bambini Baby Cologne
Bambini Baby Cologne Cottone Cuddles

 2. Bambini Baby Cologne Morning Tickles- pink bottle. For this variant, the character is an elephant. I can describe the scent sweet like that of a cotton candy.

Feature: Bambini Baby Cologne
Bambini Baby Cologne Morning Tickles

3. Bambini Baby Cologne Ocean Kisses- blue bottle. The color of the bottle is blue that is same as the color of an ocean. It is represented by a whale and it has a cool scent.

Feature: Bambini Baby Cologne
Bambini Baby Cologne Ocean Kisses

4. Bambini Baby Cologne Sunny Playtime- orange bottle. This variant has a refreshing citrusy scent. Perfect for its character- lion because of the color of the bottle.

Feature: Bambini Baby Cologne
Bambini Baby Cologne Sunny Playtime

5. Bambini Baby Cologne Starry Lullaby- purple bottle. The owl's color represents the bottle. The scent is calming and perfect for night time.

Feature: Bambini Baby Cologne
Bambini Baby Cologne Starry Lullaby

     Can you guess our faves? My son Kenzo love the Sunny Playtime scent while I love the calming scent of Starry Lullaby. Upon trying these variants, I noticed that it doesn't have that strong alcohol scent and it doesn't irritate my son's sensitive skin.

     I'm glad to see that Bambini Baby Cologne is easily accessible and readily available in supermarkets nationwide. Kudos to the Cosmetique Asia for producing three sizes- 125 ml (P60.75), 50 ml (P32.00), and 25 ml (P17.00). The latter size is perfect for travel because it's handy and can easily fit inside small pockets. The big size of for the whole family, the second one is for personal use while the smallest is for the kids baon at school. What's your favorite Bambini Baby Cologne scent?

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  1. Feeling ko magugustuhan ng baby ko ang sunny playtime!

    1. Hi Arselyn,

      I think yes din kasi it has a citrusy scent na gusto ng mga kids.


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