Vote for your Paperdolls My Favorite Summer Paperdoll Contest

Sunday, May 18, 2014

     Hello dearies! Paperdolls Philippines has recently launched a contest where you can vote for your favorite summer paperdoll. The contestants are fashion bloggers and most of them are my friends :) Lets support our favorite bloggers by voting them and win gift certificates from Paperdolls. I want to vote them all because I like how they styled Paperdolls Spring/Summer 2014 Collection. Click CONTINUE READING to see the mechanics on how vote and my picks in no particular order:) Good luck!!!
Vote for your Paperdolls My Favorite Summer Paperdoll Contest

Press Release: Heat Up with the Paperdolls Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Friday, April 25, 2014

     Hello dearies! Good news to all fashionistas out there! Summer and spring season is around the corner and it's time to change your wardrobe to something more fresh, light and comfortable without sacrificing style. I believe that summer clothes should not be boring, actually it's the season where one can mix and match colorful clothes that looks clean, comfy and refreshing to the eyes. I've been wearing comfortable clothes lately since I can't stand the heat but methinks I need to replenish my wardrobe with event outfits that's in this season. When I saw this collection from Paperdolls, all I can say is wow and wow! I'm a big fan of floral and prints so I guess I'll be sporting one of the clothes below in one of my events. Actually, I will be out today to do some Paperdolls shopping. To see few pieces from the Paperdolls Spring/Summer 2014 Collection click CONTINUE READING to find out!
     Once again, it’s the time of the year to shed from the cocoon clothing of the holidays. As the cold winds pass by, the sweltering heat of summer greets us with full force. Summer is pretty much when everything is in full bloom – from new adventures, new memories, and of course a new wardrobe that’s comfortable and trendy. This season Paperdolls plays up a mix of well-loved themes and prints and reinvents them to what Filipinos love best: fashion, comfort, and ease.
Press Release: Heat Up with the Paperdolls Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Press Release: All Dolled Up with Paperdolls Holiday Collection 2013

Saturday, February 08, 2014

     I can still remember my childhood days where I used to play paper dolls with my sisters. We love playing this game because we got to choose the kind of clothes that we want our paper dolls to wear. Wearing gorgeous and colorful paper clothes means that they're all dolled up. Fast forward today, I love wearing dresses and chic clothes.They never go out of style. This versatile clothing pieces can be mixed and matched with various styles of bags, shoes and accessories. When I heard that there's a brand of clothing line called Paperdolls, childhood memories came back. I know that Paperdolls offers a different vibe when it comes to women's fashion and style.

     All dolled up. This might be one of first things that may come into mind when Paperdolls is mentioned. As a matter of fact, this is the very core idea of the brand. Tracing back its roots to creating dainty cardboard cutouts in order to fulfill a fashion fantasy, Paperdolls has definitely gone a long way. Today, with three other brands (Milly, Scoop Proj. and Pd & Co.) that allow the company to spread its goal of helping women feel better by looking better, Paperdolls continues to empower Filipinas to celebrate the simple pleasures of dressing well and smart.

All Dolled Up with Paperdolls Holiday Collection 2013

     Be that as it may, Paperdolls has seen itself as a driving force into making modern women feel comfortable and stylish by offering wearable fashionable pieces at affordable price points. Therefore, getting dolled up is not just Paperdolls’ passion, but also its mission.

So it’s time to put away those cardboards, and be the doll you’ve always wanted to be!


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