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Sunday, May 05, 2013

     Having gorgeous locks in no time is a bit hard to achieve if you'll just rely on hair styling products and tools. I've been sporting a simple straight hairstyle for a very long time now. I have a long-fine-limp straight hair that becomes frizzy anytime of the day. Let's say I'm going to attend an event or going to a party and I only got a couple of minutes to do my hair. With little time left, expect me to arrive at the event or at the party looking plain and simple, letting my hair fall down below my shoulders. But what if I have other options aside from relying on hair polishes, gels, creams, mousse and wax? I'm sure that the "other" option will save me effort, time and money in the long run. I can't also rely on styling tools- yes they can make hair gorgeous with a little effort but it can also make hair unhealthy because it can damage the natural shine of my hair. So what's the best solution that can be done in achieving A Gorgeous Hair In No Time? It's Hair Extensions baby!!!

    Don't get puzzled! Human hair extensions are very in nowadays. If you see a celebrity sporting short hair yesterday then you've seen her again today with gorgeous sexy waves then no doubt she's wearing hair extensions. You too can wear something gorgeous on your hair. Hair extensions can be your best friend. I know there's a lot of expensive hair extensions in the market today but have you tried looking for the same quality with cheaper price? If you can still remember, I've tried a clip on hair extensions before and that brand sells a little expensive from the one that I saw online. Clip on hair extensions can be your best bet if it's your first time to try human hair extensions.

     As for my experience, wearing human hair extensions make me look gorgeous in no time! It's very easy to use, caring and storing them take a little effort too! It's like your LBD (Little Black Dress) for your hair! You should invest one human hair extensions now and make your crowning glory happy :)

     Now tell me, do you want it straight, wavy or curly? With human hair extensions, just choose the way you want it!

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  1. Might be able to fake an ombre with this.

  2. i tried hair extensions before,i do love my new look but i feel uncomfortable wearing it especially during sleeping time..

  3. @Rae- hehe :) you want to try the ombre hairstyle?

    @sherry ann- oh wow! what kind of hair extensions? the tape in or clip? if tape in, medyo mahirap nga siguro matulog kasi you'll be conscious of the extensions na baka matanggal while you're sleeping.

  4. Hair extensions are pretty but Is it hard to remove?

  5. Thank you for posting this sis Kath, I hope you write a post on how to put hair extensions step by step tutorial instructions :)


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