ASUS ZenBook UX305LA

5 Reasons Why You Need an ASUS ZenBook

Sunday, May 29, 2016

     We live in an era where we strive hard to be powerful. Don't get me wrong, but my definition of power does not only focus on wealth and fame. We can be powerful in other ways and means. We can achieve my so-called 'power' in everyday living. We can be powerful in the way we dress or in the things that we use to finish our daily tasks.

     It can be in things that we use everyday or simply the achievements that we have done so far. As a blogger and social media enthusiast, I need powerful equipment/gadgets that will make my work easier and better. It's a no brainer that one of my weapons include a laptop and it's not an ordinary laptop because I need a powerful one that will also fit my lifestyle. I have an ASUS Laptop which I bought last year and I must say that it's a good investment because it's powerful that I can multi-task making work faster and easier. Looking for that perfect laptop that's functional, stylish, and budget friendly? Let me introduce ASUS ZENBOOK below :)
5 Reasons Why You Need an ASUS ZenBook
     Laptops come in different packages. The main reason is how it will fit your lifestyle. Of course if you're always on the go, a light-weight laptop is highly recommended. Since you're going to bring it wherever you go, it should also be stylish and powerful. 
5 Reasons Why You Need an ASUS ZenBookZenBook UX305LA
1. Ultra- powerful performance

  • Choose between the Intel’s fifth-generation Broadwell Core i7 for all-day computing power
  • New 6th gen Intel ® Core™ M to Intel® Core™ Processors 
  • With up to 8GB RAM and the latest 5th-generation up to Intel® Core™ i7 processor, ZenBook UX305 breezes through any task, no matter how demanding. And thanks to the high-speed all-flash storage — up to a 512GB SSD that’s six times faster than a conventional hard disk — ZenBook UX305LA will never keep you waiting.
5 Reasons Why You Need an ASUS ZenBook
2. Ultra-thin and ultra-light

  • 1.3kg weight with 1.6cm thin (Thinner and lighter than New MacBook)
  • The world’s thinnest QHD+ 13.3-inch laptop
  • ZenBook UX305LA is designed to go everywhere you go. Weighing a mere 1.3kg and just 1.49cm thin, it’s never a burden, always a delight. But it’s not just an amazingly-beautiful, lightweight laptop: it’s seriously powerful too, packed with the latest high-performance technology. With ZenBook UX305LA, you can do all the incredible things you’ve always wanted to do, wherever you are.
5 Reasons Why You Need an ASUS ZenBook
3. Ultra-clear display

  • 13.3-inch IPS display with QHD+ 3200x1800 ultra-high resolution for ultra-sharp viewing experience
  • ZenBook UX305LA has a display that looks just as good as you’d expect from such a beautiful laptop. The ultra-sharp screen has an amazing up to QHD+ resolution of 3200 by 1800 pixels and a brightness of 300cd/m2, so it’s always easy and comfortable to view. And with an incredible pixel density of 276 pixels per inch, images and text are always pin-sharp and ultra-detailed.
  • ZenBook UX305LA uses a high-quality IPS display with a wide color gamut (72% NTSC), so the colors you see on screen are accurate, vivid and realistic — even at the widest viewing angles!
5 Reasons Why You Need an ASUS ZenBook
Wide viewing angles and vivid colors
4. Ultra- stylish and chic in multiple color selection

  • The sophisticated design of ZenBook UX305LA is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, engineered to stand out from the crowd. It takes dozens of precisely-controlled manufacturing steps to forge each ZenBook UX305LA from a raw block of solid aluminum. The subtle and refined new shape incorporates the DNA of the classic ZenBook, with an elegantly-tapered wedge design that’s both practical and elegant.
Aurora metallic
5 Reasons Why You Need an ASUS ZenBook
Obsidian stone (black)
5 Reasons Why You Need an ASUS ZenBook
Ceramic white
5 Reasons Why You Need an ASUS ZenBook
5. Ultra memory

  • Ready for everyday computing and demanding applications with 512GBSSD
5 Reasons Why You Need an ASUS ZenBook
     During the launch of ASUS ZenBook particularly the model UX305LA, bloggers and media guests had a great afternoon with ASUS Philippines as they encouraged us how to be stylish and creative in our blogging career. The topic of ASUS Incredible Workshops during the event with Victor Basa was more on fashion, future, and fun. The workshop aimed to share  with us how one can focus on style and style blogging. Since Victor Basa is a style blogger, he shared some of his tips and tricks in capturing great outfit shots.
5 Reasons Why You Need an ASUS ZenBook
Style Blogger Victor Basa sharing his experience during the Incredible Workshops
     We were also challenged by ASUS Philippines to join the ASUS Incredible Style OOTD Challenge where we will showcase our OOTD for three days. Well, sharing with you my first entry below. Like what I've said in the caption:
5 Reasons Why You Need an ASUS ZenBook
My first OOTD post entry taken inside Century City Mall events place
Black is a powerful color. It exudes class and sophistication. Like this #asuszenbook in obsidian stone that's ultra-stylish and chic. I will never go wrong with black as I for sure will always be in style with this laptop color.#INeedAZenbook that's not only light weight and stylish but also powerful inside. #incredibleworkshops#incrediblestyle challenge#incrediblestylechallenge @asusph#ootd #lifestyle #technology#functionandstyle #styleblogger#instagrammers #instafamous#instafashion #instagood #instamood#fashion #black #casualstyle#instamoments #igers #igersmanila#igersphilippines #igersasia #asia#manila #philippines #asuslaptop 📷@itsshopgirljen
     Thank you so much ASUS Philippines for having me. I'm really digging this laptop since last year so I hope I'll get hold of this model this year. It's a perfect laptop for a blogger like me who is always on the go!

For more information on ASUS ZenBook, visit the official website here:

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