Feature: Star Margarine Fairy Bread

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

     I always ran out of "baon" ideas and I admit that I repeat Kenzo's "baon" twice or thrice a week. He was teased by his classmates because of the his "baon" but my son will just smile at them and explain why his snack at school is always the same.

     I sometimes feel guilty of not giving my son an enjoyable snack to eat during recess time that's why when I received the Star Margarine Fairy Bread kit, I said to myself that Kenzo's baon will now be a hit and will bring fun and excitement not only to him but to his classmates as well. The NEW STAR Fairy Bread is the latest offering from Star Margarine that all the kids will surely love! How to make your own STAR Fairy Bread? See the simple steps below :)

Feature: Star Margarine Fairy Bread

     The STAR Fairy Bread pack is your new buddy in the kitchen. STAR Margarine is packed with 10 vitamins and minerals that help in your child’s complete development. Their snacks will be extra special as well, thanks to the colorfully decorated bread adorned with different kind of sprinkles. It’s definitely a fun and healthy “baon” alternative that’s easy to do. 

Feature: Star Margarine Fairy Bread
Sprinkles variant

     The New STAR Margarine Fairy Bread comes in four different variants: stars, christmas trees, flowers and classic sprinkles. What we have in our kit is the classic sprinkles. Kenzo is a fan of sprinkle candies that's why he enjoyed doing his own STAR Margarine Fairy Bread.

     Here are the simple steps to make your own STAR Margarine Fairy bread. Kenzo made his own snack after his kab scout training. You'll see him in uniform below, all smiles after creating his own Star Margarine Fairy Bread :)

Step 1: Toast bread or you can use a freshly baked bread as is.

Feature: Star Margarine Fairy Bread
Step 1

Step 2: Cut it into fun shapes. We have star shape bread molder at home and Kenzo has chosen the biggest star to make his STAR Margarine Fairy bread.

Feature: Star Margarine Fairy Bread
Step 2

Step 3: Add a generous amount of STAR Margarine. Look how careful he was while spreading the margarine? He wanted to cover the entire bread so that his star will look amazing.

Feature: Star Margarine Fairy Bread
Step 3

Step 4: Sprinkle some candied sprinkles on top. 

Feature: Star Margarine Fairy Bread
Step 4

Step 5: Take a photo of your creation and enjoy! Don’t forget to use the hashtags #StarSiKidStarSiMommy #StarFairyBread and Tag Star Margarine on Facebook, @OfficialStarMargarine. 

Feature: Star Margarine Fairy Bread
Step 5
     You can use any kind of bread as long as there is STAR Margarine Fairy Bread pack. It will be so much fun if you have all the variants too. Now mommies, you too can get a chance to win special STAR Margarine Fairy Bread Kits. Just follow them on their Facebook page to learn more :)

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