5 Gift Ideas for Women this Christmas

Monday, November 30, 2015

     After sharing with you my gift ideas for men this Christmas, here's another list to help you decide on what to give your girlfriends this holiday season. No need to rush as some of the items on my list are readily available in stores. I'm sure some of you are feeling the holiday shopping rush already as we only have twenty four days to go before Christmas. To tell you honestly, my holiday gift list is still empty because I shop for gifts a week before Christmas.

     Since I'm more of a health and wellness enthusiast, I will include some items from one of my trusted health, wellness, and skin care brand to date. If you're a long time reader of this blog, prolly you've seen my product reviews of Unilab products in the past. You'll see on my list below two brands from Unilab that I highly recommend and I'm sure that your mother, sisters, aunts, and the special women in your lives would definitely be happy to receive this yuletide season. See the items on my 5 Gift Ideas for Women this Christmas below :)
5 Gift Ideas for Women this Christmas
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1. Health Kit that includes different vitamins and supplements. I highly recommend Myra-E 400 I.U. capsules. I've been taking this vitamin for a long time now and  can say that the product works in making my skin blooming and protected from free radicals. Give the gift of blooming skin to your sister, mother, in-laws, and best-friend this holiday season!
5 Gift Ideas for Women this Christmas
Myra E Vitamin E 400 i.u.
2. Messenger or shoulder bags are the basic fashion accessories that every women will surely love. There are different colors, sizes, and shapes readily available so I'm pretty sure that you will not make a mistake in gifting one. For women who's always on the go, this bag is perfect to hold all the things that we (yes, I'm a fan of messenger and shoulder bags) bring everyday. If you want unique styles, you can check online stores or your favorite department stores now. I've been browsing different online shop these fast few days and I saw promos and deals for all the shoppers looking for gifts perfect for their loved ones this holiday season.
5 Gift Ideas for Women this Christmas
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3. A Beauty Kit that includes basic skin care regimen products such as facial wash, toner, cream, and cleansing oil. Celeteque Dermoscience has a wide range of skin care products that's proven effective and dermatologist-tested. Celeteque Dermoscience Advanced Anti-Aging Restorative Cleansing Oil is one of the products that you shouldn't miss especially if you have a makeup junkie girl friend. She will love this product as it gently removes stubborn makeup without drying the skin. It has vitamin E which prevents the skin from aging too.
5 Gift Ideas for Women this Christmas
Celeteque Dermoscience Advanced Anti-Aging Cleansing Oil
4. Makeup Pouch or 'kikay kit' is a useful gift for women. If I'll be receiving a pouch this Christmas, I'll be jubilant because I'm the type who likes to organize my stuff from my skin care essentials up to my makeup must-haves.
5 Gift Ideas for Women this Christmas
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5. Watch, a wrist-watch in particular. There are may styles and designs to choose from that range from affordable to high-end ones. I've been a fan of wrist watch these days because it simply completes my outfit if I'm too lazy to accessorize.
5 Gift Ideas for Women this Christmas
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     Yay! Hope you like my simple list of gift ideas for women this Christmas. Always remember that it's the thought that counts so treat your gifts special. I'm pretty sure that the receiver of your gift/s will be glad to know that you remember them this holiday season with your presents- be it big or small!

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